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Guns, Global Warming, and God.

Well, this post doesn’t really have anything to do with guns, but I do live in Texas and I wanted to go with the triple-G alliteration. But seriously, this started out as a “brief” essay, but once I got going, I just couldn’t slow it down. My ultimate goal, of course, is to persuade, but I also need feedback from those patient enough to read it, engage with it, critique it and ask questions. If that’s you, then you have my thanks in advance. Read on. Continue reading

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The TNIV is a Great, but often Misunderstood & Perhaps Unfairly Maligned Translation of the Bible

Zondervan Publishing has been on the receiving end of a lot of criticism in recent years over its attempt to address some long overdue issues in its most popular English translation of the Bible, the NIV. The Southern Baptist Convention … Continue reading

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The Search for the Historical Adam (Oh yeah, and Eve too)!

In the most recent issue of Christianity Today (June 2011), the magazine’s cover and feature article sports a rendition of Genesis’ Adam as a Cro-Magnon man (and if you think that’s scary, you should see Eve). The article’s title reads “The Search for the Historical Adam,” and its subtitle promises readers a generalized “state of the debate” in light of ongoing genetic research into the human genome and its unmistakeable parallels and connectivity with less advanced creatures (think of mice and apes -not men-). This is certainly a hot topic for some Evangelical circles, especially those of more conservative spheres, and while Christianity Today serves up its usual, surface-level approach to far weightier issues, its editors do a sloppy job of keeping the lid on their own biases in the debate. What I mean is that they do not merely offer their readers a dispassionate “state of the debate,” but rather take sides and let a skewed perspective have the last word. <a href="”> Read More… Continue reading

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