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Creation, Evolution… and My Brother.

I don’t know the particulars of how intelligent life came to be or on what precise timeline it developed, but as a Christian I’m left with the two sources of story that God has left at our disposal: the Bible and the universe … Continue reading

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Calvinism, Free-Will, & Why Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Matter

On a recent mission trip, I was reminded how prevalent Calvinism has become even in many non-Presbyterian circles. While this is cause for concern (at least for me), I happily discovered that different theologies among Christians are not always sufficient to prevent them from working together, even within the same organization. Indeed, as per my recent experience, I am confident that an outsider could not tell that any theological differences existed among our group in the least. In a culture where people (and the church) are overeager to divide over the most trivial of differences, this is a blessed thing indeed.

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