Questions, Concerns and Snide Remarks… and Christianity.

This space is devoted to you, the reader, so that you might ask a question, share a concern or yes, make a snide remark about the Bible, Christian theology and Christians too. Normally I like happy and easy comments (don’t we all), but if you’ve got something you want to talk about or an opinion you’d like to express and don’t feel like being exceptionally diplomatic about it, that’s ok too. 

My objective here is to listen, not to argue or debate, so I invite people to offer from a sentence to a paragraph or two that briefly states a problem or concern they have or have heard about Christianity that remains unresolved, confusing or offensive. All comments are welcome provided that no one attacks, mocks or insults anyone, and if you are uncomfortable using your real name, a pseudonym and bogus email address is perfectly acceptable. This is safe space.

Thanks for reading me and responding if you feel led.



About C_Lambeth

I currently live in the Pacific Northwest. I graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor's of Science and from George Fox Seminary (now Portland Seminary) with a Master's of Divinity. In addition to knowing Christ and helping others know him, I am passionate about peace, the environment, Christian feminism, justice for all (not just the wealthy) and being a lifelong learner. Please feel free to comment on any of the posts here or to suggest new posts altogether. Thank you for reading me! -CL
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One Response to Questions, Concerns and Snide Remarks… and Christianity.

  1. Johnathan Clyde says:

    I once attended a popular mega-church in Colorado. The message that the music was giving there didn’t bother me, but the atmosphere and the sermon did. I drove my car up to this mall-sized compound and was greeted with valet parking. I walked inside looking for a church and instead saw a bookstore, coffee shop and restaurant. The sanctuary would have made for a decently-sized rock concert, complete with thousands of seats and spinning lights. The church program itself was selling spots as advertising space to “Christian companies” and not just a few. I actually had to flip through ads to find the day’s program. The sermon was the pastor promoting his book (a book about dieting the biblical way) and reminding us at the end that it could be purchased at the end in the bookstore if God so moved us. Cha-ching.

    I sat in my seat stewing, as people around me started to raise their arms and sway, fighting a feeling that I should flee this place. Why was I having trouble being joyful? Is it wrong for churches to be wealthy and pursue more wealth to further what they feel is God’s work? Is it wrong to have a sound booth with equipment that might be on par with the Pepsi center? I was incredibly conflicted. I just sat there and over and over the image of Jesus running through the place with a whip and driving out the money that had grown like a cancer in this place played in my head.

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