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Yes, Christians Can (and should) Support Same-Sex Marriage

And yes, you can be gay or transgender, and be a Christian. Shoot, you can even be a heterosexual too. Nobody is not invited to the Jesus party. But I digress. On Friday, June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the … Continue reading

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Rounding Up a Wife for Jesus

I would like to offer some gentle push-back on the recent talk concerning “Jesus’ wife” that I have come across. In many of the circles I frequent, there are a lot of friends and other voices who have been quick … Continue reading

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Is God Male?

Recently during our church’s “Enrichment Hour” (codename for adult Sunday school), I had the privilege of offering a perspective on how Christians need not be troubled by some of our more conservative believers’ insistence that the Earth is only a … Continue reading

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An Argument that Christians Ought Not Make Against Same-Sex Marriage

Given recent cases before the United States Supreme Court (USSC), I have experienced a resurgence of arguments from well meaning Christians who reason that same-sex marriage is ridiculous because we do not allow (at least not legally) sex with minors or … Continue reading

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If you’ve ever wondered why some gay people don’t like Christians…

News flash: It’s because they think we hate them. The perception is that Christians want to oppress homosexuals, deny them equal rights, and force them to live according to a specific interpretation of Christian values. Sadly, sometimes they are right. … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage, Christianity and the Constitution

Update: This post no longer best reflects my evolving stance on homosexuality and same-sex marriage. For a more recent exploration and understanding, please see the following entry: Yes, Christians Can (and should)  Support Same-Sex Marriage. -CL 6/27/15 I can think of … Continue reading

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Stay at Home Dads and Why Mark Driscoll Doesn’t Get It

Recently a new friend spoke with me about the virtues and popularity of a congregation and pastor out of Seattle, Washington. The pastor is Mark Driscoll and the church is called Mars Hill (not to be confused with the Mars … Continue reading

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