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This category might seem a bit redundant since my goal is for this entire blog is to be guided by (good) theology. This particular category, however, is dedicated to issues that most people outside the Christian tradition will find completely irrelevant and uninteresting. Welcome fellow theology geeks.

Stop Calling Jesus a Socialist (Unless You’re Into Things Like Reality)

Socialism gets slapped with a pretty bad reputation in conservative circles, and that’s putting it nicely. Most of us have seen people rant and rave about it and post skewed memes on social media here and there. To be fair, … Continue reading

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Who Would Jesus Kill? A Reflection on Violence and the Way of Christ

A friend recently asked me about the morality of killing an attacker. The story he used to highlight the question was the reported death of an ISIS leader killed at the hands of a woman the jihadi had enslaved in the group’s … Continue reading

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Yes, Christians Can (and should) Support Same-Sex Marriage

And yes, you can be gay or transgender, and be a Christian. Shoot, you can even be a heterosexual too. Nobody is not invited to the Jesus party. But I digress. On Friday, June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the … Continue reading

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Rounding Up a Wife for Jesus

I would like to offer some gentle push-back on the recent talk concerning “Jesus’ wife” that I have come across. In many of the circles I frequent, there are a lot of friends and other voices who have been quick … Continue reading

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Is God Male?

Recently during our church’s “Enrichment Hour” (codename for adult Sunday school), I had the privilege of offering a perspective on how Christians need not be troubled by some of our more conservative believers’ insistence that the Earth is only a … Continue reading

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Aslan’s Jesus: Dressing Up Fiction as Fact

I apologize for the apparent deceit. This post has nothing to do with the amazing allegories found in C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. Those stories, which feature a Jesus-character who has taken on the shape of a mighty, good-but-not-safe lion … Continue reading

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What the Heck is an “Evangelical” and Should We Care?

If anyone in the general public is familiar with the word “evangelical,” at the minimum it will evoke some sort of Christiany association. But what is the difference between an “Evangelical Christian” and a *regular* Christian? How many people would … Continue reading

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